Applications from foreign specialists


Applications from foreign specialists

Due to the high number of vacant positions, many specialists are applying for the vacancies in Germany. Based on our experience we give hints for a successful application.

International Applications

As recruiters, we also receive applications from abroad or foreign applicants who are currently working here in Germany as part of a project due to our job advertisements. Unfortunately, many applications have to be rejected, because the applicants do not pay attention to essential aspects. These are primarily about


Linguistic proficiency

Unfortunately, many applications have to be rejected because German language skills are low or not available at all. As a foreign candidate you should note that you are applying in a company where the common language is German. Even if many Germans speak English, colloquial language is and remains German even in the office. In addition, the situation is exacerbated when it comes to consulting or service companies. When applying for such positions, you work directly on customer site. This means that German language skills are expected from the employee of the commissioned company.

If you now apply for such a position and do not have enough language skills, this inevitably leads to a rejection. Unfortunately, as an international candidate you have, unfortunately, spent the entire effort without having a chance for an employment.

Therefore, please pay attention to the expected language level in the sections Show.

As an author, I have worked abroad myself. Prerequisite was always the appropriate national language at B2 level written as well as verbally to master.

Exceptions can be recognized by the fact that the job advertisement has already been written in English. Alone this fact shows that foreign prospective buyers should be addressed. In these job advertisements you should still cover the expected language level. If the emplqyer finds out during the job interview that you do not master it, you will also receive a cancellation.


Date of birth

It should also be noted that in foreign CVs very often the date of birth is missing. Make sure in your application that your date of birth is specified.


Timeline of professional stations 

In Germany it is customary to submit a "complete" CV. Therefore, indicate which companies they were at at what time and give these periods in the format

from MM / YYYY - MM / YYYY.


Alone the consideration of these three points leads, in addition to your professional qualification, to a better assessment of your application.

Update 2019-10-08

A study by the Cologne Institute of German Business showed that language acquisition of the German language is the key to accessing the German labor market and successful integration. With the same knowledge of German and the same level of education, the wages of international immigrants and Germans hardly differ.

Immigrants and natives, who speak German at the same level and have a high level of education, receive the same salary.

In later unemployment, higher unemployment among immigrants is largely due to their overall low German language level.